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Combating dark thoughts in difficult times

What do you do when you feel like your whole world is collapsing in on itself? You slay the darkness with your dragon fire heart and keep pushing forward. Nothing is permanent, and you WILL get through this. Sometimes it gets incredibly dark inside of my mind. Unsavory thoughts take up vacancy without asking for my permission, a little rude if you ask me.

When I consume too much news and social media, it all goes to shit real fast. It usually results in me locking myself away for a few days, not answering anyone’s messages or phone calls (yes, I still get those, weird, right?). I become one with the darkness, and it consumes all my waking hours. I might as well glue my eyelids open for the foreseeable future because sleep is not an option.

My mind will not concede, like a politician who knows they have lost the race but does not want to admit it yet. Because admitting defeat is considered a weakness, in most cases. I never look at it this way, sometimes you have to give in and let go to free yourself from the internal war going on. It is absolutely acceptable to not be okay right now, in our current political climate, and with a global pandemic still going on but not being covered as much in the news, both of which are extremely important. Life is hard sometimes, okay? I’m sure most of you can relate.

This time I really don’t have a point or “lesson” I so desperately needed a safe place to write down how I’m feeling and processing everything that is happening. Well, I guess that kind of is the point of my blog if you have read the about me section. In other less depressing news, I have been toying with the idea of putting a “featured poets” section on this site. I’m probably going to do an Instagram or Facebook poll and see what kind of feedback I get. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or just any thoughts that you feel you need to release yourself from and let go of, that’s totally an option. You can find all of my socials down below or on the top of the site feel free to check them out. You know maybe give them a follow? That would be much appreciated.

Until next time