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So it goes

I am taking full advantage of my current creative inspiration and getting as much writing done as possible. I had previously been working on several short stories, all unfinished, but they were progressing well. Depression really is a bitch, and with everything going on in the world right now, I felt like I was drowning, falling deeper into the abyss. I often find it easier to let the darkness envelop me and just embrace it until I find my way out again.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is to focus on myself first and then everyone else second. Some have called me selfish, but anyone who struggles with depression and mental illness knows how fucking hard it can be to roll out of bed. And so it goes, people will always judge you no matter what. You have this inner turmoil that eats away at you as if everything else wasn’t enough. More often than not, I find myself curled back up in my bed, ignoring every single responsibility. It bites me in the ass later, but in that current moment, I do what I have to so I don’t go insane.

One of the most positive things that have come out of quarantine is “meeting” some of the most amazing people online. There are a few that I now call some of my closest friends, and I don’t go a day without talking to them. Making friends in your late 20’s is difficult, and I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have found them. They have been my solace through the shit storm that is my brain. The comfort we find in familiarity and acceptance is often ineffable. To be understood, without having to explain yourself, it is truly a beautiful experience.

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Inspiration from old friends

Last night I had a friend message me out of the blue, and it sparked that fire in me again to create. I found inspiration is his new creative journey. When someone talks about something they love with ferocity and passion, you can feel it rising in your soul, pleading with you to let it out! I don’t know how long this inspiration will last, nor do I care at this current moment. Sometimes it takes something so minute to put you back in your place. Not to mention that I have certainly not been consistent with my posts on here or on my Instagram, I really needed that awakening.

This won’t be a long post. I know that much, but I felt the urge to write, and that’s the most incredible feeling of all. Anyone who gets writer’s block or has depression knows that it’s incredibly hard to find that specific thing that triggers your brain from delirium and back into the realm of creativity. With my newfound inspiration, I fully intend to use every spare moment I have because nothing this good lasts, trust me, I know. When the universe or whatever you may believe in starts screaming at you in clear signs instead of codes and complicated riddles, you take it and run.

I am fully prepared for the creative crash that will more than likely happen in a few days, maybe even hours from now, but here, I feel alive again. And for me, that makes all the difference.

Until next time

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