A safe place to discuss writing, reading and thoughts on life & what not

The idea behind this website is to create a space where literature lovers, writers, and dreamers can come hang out, like a modern-day version of the Algonquin but with even cooler people, ya know? To create something from nothing is purely magical in my eyes, and everyone deserves to have their voices heard, unless you’re an asshole, well no okay I can be an asshole sometimes scratch that. I welcome the chaos in the creativity and lots of healthy debates. This is not a library we can yell here.

Wow, excuse me I have been incredibly rude, I didn’t even introduce myself. My names Tina and I’m just another coffee swilling book-loving addict that can’t seem to find their purpose in life. However, through books and writing I have found solace and comfort. I personally enjoy witty banter and a heated debate from time to time. If you give me some coffee and a cookie I’ll be the happiest person ever. I’m also a photographer who won’t claim being professional, but I do take some sweet photos.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find my purpose here. If you’d really like to get to know me, you can follow me on social media. Everything will be linked. Stop by, say hi, maybe we’ll have an intellectually stimulating conversation, stranger things have happened.


I published my first book today, go check it out on amazon!